2017/2「時の海-東北」クラウドファンディングスタート![Crowdfund for ̶...

2017/2「時の海-東北」クラウドファンディングスタート![Crowdfund for “Sea of Time-Tohoku”]




We have launched a Crowdfunding for Miyajima’s new project; “Sea of Time-Tohoku.”
This is a project that will continue for 10 years.
This year, we are seeking to make 1/10 of the whole work.

What is “Sea of Time-Tohoku?”
“Sea of Time” was Miyajima’s first work when he presented his three concepts in 1988.
He is working to install this new “Sea of Time” in Tohoku area of Japan, where the Great East Japan Earthquake struck,
as a topos where everybody can gather in the memory of the deceased.
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